Board Members
Vice President
Mike Monticello
Carina Lindsay
Matthias Lester
Mark Gardner

We have two open positions on the board.
Please contact Flagstaff Management or one of the board members if you are interested.

Design Review Committee
Sarah Roche
Sally Tiede


Website Committee
Mike Monticello


NGLA Representative


What is a NGLA Representative?

The Neighborhood Group Leaders Association was established to build a communication link between the City and neighborhood groups to address needs and concerns of residents, as well as forming a partnership to improve the quality of life in Longmont as a community. To participate in the program neighborhood groups register with the City of Longmont. As a member of the association the group leaders will receive information from the Planning Division of the Community Development Department, the Planning and Zoning Commission agendas, and the City Council agendas. In addition neighborhood group leaders attend the monthly Neighborhood Group Leaders Association meeting to keep abreast of city, community, and school district issues, and usually invite a guest speaker to address the current issues. Click here for more information.



2018 Board Meeting Minutes
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November 19, 2009


Past Board Meeting Minutes
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Board Job Descriptions

NGLA representative: The Fox Creek Farm Neighborhood Group Leader Association (NGLA) representative¹s primary responsibility is to keep FCF in good standing with the Longmont NGLA and capitalize on grant opportunities offered. In order to remain eligible for NGLA grants, a FCF representative must attend 90% of the NGLA monthly meetings per year. These meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of every month, from 7-9pm at the Senior Resource Center in Roosevelt Park. During high vacation periods (summer months and
December) however, the NGLA typically cancels the monthly meeting. These meetings are incredibly informative and provide an interesting inside look at the city government.

Eligibility in the NGLA has allowed us to secure approximately $5000 in grant money for both HOA activities and Neighborhood Improvement projects over the past year. Clearly involvement in the NGLA is a major cost saving benefit for all FCF homeowners.

The FCF NGLA representative also:

1) Communicates frequently with the Board of Directors to inform the Board
of City business and vice versa.
2) Assists in the distribution of the FCF Newsletter
3) Serves as the FCF liaison with the Longmont Police Department
4) Is involved in the planning of FCF events (parties, meetings, etc.)

Typical Amount of Time Spent Monthly: 4-6 hours

HOA Board Member: The Fox Creek Farm Board of Directors is an entity established by the Fox Creek Farms Development Agreement when the subdivision was originally planned, prior to construction. Its primary responsibility is to represent to homeowners and make decisions which benefit all property owners within the HOA. The Board’s main responsibility is to manage the HOA budget to maximize the benefit of HOA fees while minimizing the fees themselves. The HOA Board is responsible for supervising the upkeep and maintenance of public areas within the HOA. It is also responsible for adopting, updating and enforcing community covenants. The Board works with other community resources, including various City agencies and enforcement bureaus to maintain and uphold our community’s standard of living. The Board works in conjunction with the Management Company, whose services are paid for with HOA funds, to manage contract labor and other day-to-day activities. The board positions are voluntary and unpaid. It meets publicly once every other month for approximately 2 hours to hear homeowner concerns, make decisions, review progress, and plan community activities and improvements. Intermittent communications between the board members is relatively common, but all decisions are to be made in the public monthly meetings. Each officer is elected for a 1 year term. The Board of Directors typically includes the following positions:

President: Main voice of Fox Creek Farms for interactions with outside groups and organizations.
Vice-president: Acts in the presidential capacity should the President be unavailable.
Secretary: Maintains record-keeping for the BOD meetings and documents decisions made by the board.
Treasurer: Reviews the HOA accounting and budget (books kept by the Management Company).

There is also the possibility for additional positions in various committees or action groups within the HOA and/or relating to its relationship with other HOA’s or community groups (i.e. NGLA). Please see the HOA documentation you received when you purchased your home for additional information and check back with our website..

Typical Amount of Time Spent Monthly: 4-6 hours